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  1. Please please jump on this fellas conversations now and again and tell him to 'get off his high horse'. I made the joke earlier, he did the usual wow that's original and now the idea of him being inundated with it is tickling me somewhat. He seems a bit of a pompous prick if that helps. @lordfeldie
  2. Just back from the doctors and the knee pain I've been having is probably arthritis, I only actually get pain when fully bending my right leg. Is anyone still running with arthritis in the knees? I've been told to pack it in but I really don't want to.
  3. I still haven't watched the final season as I thought the end of season 4 was perfect as an ending.
  4. Well this thread took a strange turn..
  5. Stuck between my psycho wife and my mildly rebellious daughter again and judging by the telephone conversation I've had with my wife it's going to get even worse later on. I'm so sick of this s*** I really am, if I had the bottle I think I would actually rather just kill myself than put up with any more of it.
  6. He's a good looking man though isn't he?
  7. So I haven't seen black panther yet, is this going to matter of I want to go and see Infinity wars since the trailer suggests that location is a big part?
  8. My wife's a psycho, her and my daughter are kicking off again and I'm more than likely going to miss the match because of these two going mental at each other, and I've not even left work yet, I just got a phone call warning me that we are going to have to 'sit down with her' .. FML.
  9. Face unlock on it is brilliant as well, as is the double tap on the screen to wake it.
  10. No, it bored the s*** out of me.
  11. It's probably dry socket, my wife had similar problems recently after a tooth removal. Painkillers and corsodyl mouthwash to prevent it from getting infected.
  12. Not if you want to do business with the EU, I work for a US company and GDPR is all we have done for the past 6 months.
  13. "Give your head a wobble" use of that phrase should be punishable by death.
  14. Unfortunately not, neither a contract nor retention. We were kicking ourselves repeatedly for other things during the build that we didn't have some sort of contract.
  15. We had an extension built in the last couple of months and they finished a few weeks ago, as part of this we had two large bi-fold doors fitted. We are still having the room painted and are not using it yet so we hadn't bothered to clean the glass in the doors just yet. Over the weekend though I noticed that some of what we though was just dust is actually scratches and on closer inspection most of the panes have some quite deep scratches round the edges which look like they were done when they were fitted. Our builder never did a walk around or end of build inspection with us and we've not signed anything to say we are happy with the finished work either. The thing is its been a couple of weeks since he finished, we don't owe him any more money and so I think the chances of him agreeing to come and replace the scratched glass is non-existent. We did however spend £8k on bi-fold doors and are not that happy that they are scratched to buggery. I'm going to tell him about the scratches but if he doesn't want to know what are my options for getting this sorted, would a small claims court thing be something we could consider?
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