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Collecting football programmes - Help!

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Have just started a collection of LFC football programmes. Have gained a few hundred over the past few months and feel now I worked out the best way to store them to keep them at their best.


I have had to it recommended to use a cool, dark room to store them in. But to keep them in their best condition do any fellow collectors have tips? I presume I should seperate them between see through plastic slips etc or something similar, rather than have them all on top of each other.


Lastly, if anyone has Liverpool in Europe programmes from the Shanks/Paisley/Fagan/Dalglish era and wishes to sell them I'm interested! Sell away!


If you have a 1950 Cup Final Programme to flog (unlikely) let me know!

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Don't use plastic slip cases or bags. Buy special protective bags / slips / folders. Programmes are often comic book size and you can buy some excellent folders for them which make it very easy to display them / show them off.


Normal plastic can leave an awful smell on the programmes and not really help with their preservation.

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Guest efcrmagic

Stick them in a shoe box.


I've got about 150 and they're all safely stored in shoe boxes from years ago.


My pride being the Bayern semi and a League Cup game from 1963.

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You'd be hard pushed to find one for Istanbul.

Some Turk nicked them all!!!

they had tonnes of them for sale at the club shop a while back.. got an unopened one and an opened one upstairs..


comic book bags are the best thing for preserving programmes... they should be the right size too.. If you are in Liverpool get down to Forbidden Planet (Bold Street) or Worlds Apart (shop opposite X in the City :unsure: ) they will have a load of them for sale..

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