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Guess the player.


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It's a matter of perspective as to whether the city has more Liverpool or Everton fans in it. Pongolle has said something that builds the local EFC case, but lots of similar anecdotal 'evidence' would suggest there are at least as many reds in Liverpool itself.


I honestly don't think a convincing case could be made either way. The city is split red and blue and that's a fact.


What is also a fact is that Liverpool enjoy a much broader support. This is no doubt down to the huge success of the club at the highest level. If only Everton could boast such widespread support (in addition to the local support both clubs enjoy). That might mean EFC were successful and had caught the attention of the wider football world.


Still, good win for Everton today. Think you will be safely mid table come season end.

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i'm amazed, if this was in the sun, that the thread hasn't been deleted.


Get a grip. Dave Usher said it was said in a press conference to the national press... which as ever, in that s***ty rag turns into "<insert name here> told the S*n".


Personally, those comments reek of being taken out of context in response to leading questions about Everton and what it's like to play them and have you played them in the derby and what kind of reception d'you expect from the Everton fans and yadda yadda yadda. You can't give the lad s*** for recounting his personal experiences, which have then <shock horror> been picked up and maliciously twisted by the S*n.

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