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Question for the over 40's on here ....


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I've played Centre-Back or Left-Back in Leagues of various standard from bloody awful to sub-standard all my life. In my mid twenties, I played on Saturday's, Sundays and midweek (occasionally Monday's, which meant three games in three days) and I was as fit as a butcher.


Last season, I played midweek only and got a full season in except five games from the end the calf-muscle popped and that was that. I now cannot run at what in the old days used to be known as a "sprint" without it going again. Also, the new left-back is better than I was when I was in the team. Obviously, I still have my looks, but basically, football-wise I'm fecked.


Having contributed to these forums for about 18 months or so, I think I can pretty much guarantee a quality of reply which will no doubt take my personal circumstances to heart, almost certainly with a heavy dose of sympathy.


So, my question is ... What outdoor activity, preferably involving groups, can the over-40, previously active male engage in when his park-football career is shot down because of a gammy leg



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I'm 48 and played Sunday football until I was 37. I now play every week five-a-side.


I do the gym, a bit of cycling and 10k road racing. They're all great but there's no substitute for the dressing room banter.


Have you been to a physio about your calf? I bet you can get it sorted.

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With the injury....invest in a visit to a proper physio.


I've had various ankle, knee and muscle injuries from footie - and a little physio driven hard work is the only way you'll get it back to normal. It will hurt though.


Then you can find an over 40's league - I play in an over 35's here in Canada, and it's all the european ex pats having a good hard (if a little slowere paced) game !


Otherwise, dogging sounds great, even if you only are able to watch!!

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So was I, Kenny Lynch.



You're f*cking having a laugh, all the stick you give ME for being an old c*nt!!! :lol::lol::lol:



I am Muphman's mole drawing out the over 50's and I claim my five pounds... :lol:


I can't swim, so that's out. I DO (Did?) play Golf but that takes way too long now I have kids. I used to coach under 12-s football back in Ireland, so that's a possibility I guess, but ...


To be honest with you, I hadn't thought of Vet's football. We moved house about 18 months ago to the South Coast and I know nobody down here, parks-football wise, so I'll have a look on the Net and see if there are any local Vet's teams who want a never-quite-was-a-has-been centre back.


Speaking of which, a few years ago when I played in a fairly tasty Saturday League side, we arranged a pre-season friendly against a team of Vet's some of whom used to play with West Ham, Orient, Gillingham and so on. The youngest was probably WAY into their 40's, and we'd done about four weeks of lapping the pitch, drills etc... and played a few other games. They spanked us. Easily. And then drank us all under the table afterwards.


Old buggers.

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Guest Red Flame

QUOTE(matty @ Jan 9 2006, 12:20)


Join a swingers circle and have loads of 'rumpy-pumpy'.


(That means sex).


Big Stuff ...

And just exactly what did you think Dogging meant ?


Not the same. Isn't one a spectator sport ?

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