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Baggies fans


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Guest Red in Holland

WBA fans are through thick and thin fans. Gotta give em that. Any bunch of supporters that do that, get my vote.


The Den don't, buncha..



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there was quite a big police presence for them apparently - someone was saying after in the pub, Wayne maybe? I can't remember :hmm:


Anyway, besides that - I thought they where the best we've had at Anfield this season (apart from Yero games - Real Betis fans wins easy :D ).


Baggies fans made a nice change from some of the more moronic supporters.


Spurs will prove that point in our next home game. When they will spend 90 minutes singing about Arsenal, Chelsea and us.

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They are a decent lot, Baggies fans. Strange that at Wolves a few miles away it's still 1973 and the bizzies at the Hawthorns are perhaps the worst of all and always have been. And Villa fans are some of the worst small-time fans in the country.


Fair play the Baggies though; their reception when Gerrard was taking the corner was great, not like the normal beauts who boo him then want him in their Ingerlund team.

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