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Our little winning run


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impressive as it is, especially in the goals against column, shouts a couple of things at me...


WBA (17)

Everton (16)

Newcastle (11)

Middlesborough (14)

Wigan (5)

Sunderland (20)

Man City (8)

Portsmouth (18)

Villa (13)

West Ham (10)

Blackburn (9)


That means we have played all teams between 8th and bottom but 12th (Charlton) 15th (Fulham) and 19th (Brum) in the (current) table, plus Wigan


Each game is only worth 3 points but there's some teams in that list that A) have been in pretty poor form themselves, and B) have been teams we have dropped points to in the past - so an improvement. 15 points separate 8th from 19th


Coming up must be the games that we HAVE to win as probaly NONE of the teams just played will be those who could nick league placings off us. Bolton, Arsenal, ManU, Spurs. These are increasingly the must win games as so few teams can realistically challenge for Europe places - and only 2 stand any real chance of giving Chelsea a challenge. 16 points separate 8th from 2nd.


So while "we are great"...., we have beaten teams firmly in the lower half of the table. The true test will be carrying that form, confidence and hopefully some damn shooting boots into the games vs Bolton, Arsenal....etc. In the next 6 weeks we have Bolton (7), Spurs (4), ManU (2), Chelsea (1), Wigan (5) and Arsenal (6)


Come on you red-men!

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