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Disgraceful Hillsborough Programme Shown Again

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If it's a different program then I apologise.


It's not exactly inconceivable though that I thought you were talking about the same program. It isn't very often that the same tv channel would have two different shows talking about Hillsborough in the same week both similarly named.


But sorry anyway.

Fair enough mate, it could've caught anyone out really having found out the facts.

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NHE i should still be up at midnight, i will try and catch the program, would tape it but dont have a VCR at the mo as its broke............i will keep a large whisky handy as i will probably need it

Cheers ? I need to know who produced it and if BBC worldwide are credited as well as The Learning Channel or The Discovery Channel.

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Guest sniffer
Assuming it's the same one (the program I think was called simply 'Disaster'), I saw it on Wednesday on Reality TV (6pm repeat).


The show was primarily about football stadia


The first half was about Heysel and how the disaster was caused by


-Poor ticket allocations

-touts getting hold of tickets

-Drinking (one account said it was normal, one said it was over the top)

-Poorly maintained stadium

-Chicken wire fence


They mentioned that a large proportion of blame is nowadays attributed to Liverpool supporters "trying to gain territory in the neutral, Z, section", but as I said, clearly acknowledged other factors. There was no mention of provocation by Juventus supporters. The images of the dead bodies and the crush against the terrace wall was graphic and quite disturbing.


The second part was about Hillsborough. As far as I recall it was clearly stated that crowd violence/hooliganism had no part to play in the disaster. They talked about Liverpool being given the smaller [Leppings Lane] end of the ground and how the number of turnstiles simply was not adequate for the number of supporters. Also mentioned about the gate being opened but little organisation inside, resulting in most fans being led down to the central pens. Again the scenes of the crush were disturbing and quite frankly, scary.


They also mentioned the Bradford Fire and also how sporting events are done in America. The show seemed a few years old as it mentioned 95 had died, and not 96.


Hope that helps

Heysel was caused by UEFA taking away half the Liverpool allocation of tickets and giving them to Juventus. Pure and simple.

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Guest scouselad

Well, if it is indeed true, then I apologize.


I never intended to make any "snotty" comments, just want people to have solid proof before letting any dirt fly.


Again, apologies if I've offended anyone.

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from comments on a mirrored thread on RAWK it looks like they've pulled them from the schedules - they first disappeared from the online schedules within the last hour.




... latest is there's an apology on the website ... not seen it yet.




From various posters:


"It looks like they have pulled it form the listings.


I looked on their website earlier and under listings for the 6th June and it DEFINATELY had it listed for midnight, I even pointed it out to a collaegue at work - I guess the complaints have made an impact."


"Yup it was definately on there earlier, but it's been pulled. They haven't even put in a replacement, just left a blank space. "


"Just had an E-mailed response. It was an unreserved apology. Guess they've pulled the plug on it "


"There is now an apology (of sorts) on the main page of their website."

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It isn't really an apology for the hillsborouhg clip, more an apology for the programme as a whole. It says sorry for any offence or distress the programme might have caused.


But alteast they have pulled it from the listings.


Good job (again) guys.


Edit: Guys meaning the people who emailed them about it, not the TV people.

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BBC Worldwide up to their old tricks again?




2 minutes 6 seconds into the clip




I'm sorry to bring this topic up after a good night for the reds.


I just caught the last episode (19/09/06) of "The Daily Show" and they used some footage of Hillsborough in one of their features entitled "Papa Don't Preach" (available to see at ComedyCentral.com) in a comedic context.


There was about 3 seconds in all, but it just goes to show that ignorance continues to lead to horrible misuse of the tragedy.




I actually saw that particular John Stewart episode last night myself and immediately knew it was Hillsborough... and immediately felt pissed off, revolted and upset all in the one emotion because my cousin died there.


Comedy or not, meaning to or not, it still f***ing hurt. End of. If someone doesn't understand the significance of the footage, don't f***ing use it! Simple.




The footage is owned by BBC Worldwide.


They have promised after previous incidents that they would be far stricter in the sale of Hillsborough footage with regards to things like this.


You can complain formally here:




and here's some background info:



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Update. Both myself and Frank Hampson have contacts with the BBC due to this footage being used previously but not with Comedy central. Working with them takes time as it has done with this case but we seem to be making progress.


Here is a letter from the BBC to Frank Hampson. (contact details have been removed because we are actually getting them to do something and we don?t want anyone steaming in and messing up the working relationship we have with them. Unless we don?t get what we want?.D:) )



From the bbc to Frank


Dear Mr Hampson,

Your concerns about the inappropriate use of BBC footage on the Daily Show

have been passed to me. I have attached a letter that we have sent to the

channel which broadcasts the Daily Show emphasising that, not only were they

not licensed to use this footage, but also the huge distress that this use

would cause. I hope you think that the tone and content of this letter are

sufficient. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any comments or

questions that you may have on this.

In addition, there is one further point I would like to discuss with you.

The footage in question has appeared on a website called YouTube with which

you may be familiar. It has been put on the internet but there is a heading

and associated comments from viewers which point out the Daily Show's

mistake in using this particular clip. While there is some benefit in that

this shows the programme was wrong to use the clip in the way that they did,

we are very concerned that the public display of this footage will cause

further distress. We would be very happy to take your views on this matter.

We apologise for any distress that you and others have suffered as a result

of the use of our footage and can assure you that this use was done without

our permission. We hope that this message has been made clearly to those



Once again, if there is anything at all that you would like to discuss,

please do not hesitate to contact me.

Many thanks and kind regards



BBC Litigation Department



And from the BBC to Comedy Central



Dear Sirs


The Daily Show with Jon Stewart- 19th September 2006


It has been brought to our attention that the edition of the Daily Show with

Jon Stewart which was broadcast on Comedy Central on 19th September 2006

featured footage taken from BBC News? programmes. This use was not licensed

and was, therefore, an infringement of our copyright.


However, we are more concerned by the way in which the footage was misused.

The footage appeared in a feature on crowd violence, demonstrating ?The

Crowd Violence Scale?. As it was being shown, Mr Stewart described the

footage as a demonstration of the reaction when ?your local soccer team just

lost?, provoking laughter from the audience.


The footage was not of crowd violence, but was of the tragic events in 1989

at the Hillsborough football stadium in Sheffield, England in which 96

people lost their lives. The supporters were blameless in this horrific

disaster and there was no element of violence.


We are sure that you can appreciate how inappropriate it was to use this

footage in a supposedly humorous manner and how deeply upsetting it has been

for the survivors and for the friends and families of those who lost their



Therefore, in light not only of the fact that you do not have the right to

use this footage, but also the fact that any use has the potential to cause

massive emotional distress, we ask that you destroy any copies of this

footage that are in your possession or control and confirm that this has

been done and that you will not use the footage for any purpose, whether

satirical and in a purportedly comic context or not, in the future. In

addition, please provide us with details of all previous uses of this

footage and any third parties who have been supplied with a copy of the

programme for further broadcast or copies of the footage.


We understand that it is unlikely that the use of this footage was

deliberate, but we cannot overstate the sensitivity of this.


Thank you in advance for your co-operation with this matter.


Yours faithfully




BBC Litigation Department





we'll keep everyone updated.

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