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  1. Nah, Rafa didn't want him. My cousin drinks with Didi now and again and he just said he wasn't wanted. By the way, they were drinking past midnight and Didi was at training for Citeh in the morning. The thing with Chelski's midfield is that they rarely play 4. It is nearly always 5. They will miss Makele if he's injured or rested. Ballack is similar to Lampard and I can't see them playing too often together, not without losing there balance. Essien I don't think is as good as Momo. More experienced for sure but he doesn't impose himself like Momo. Momo scares the life out of opponents. Essien has a good engine but because of his reputation, a lot of oppoonents will want to nail him. They haven't got anyone as good as Gerrard or Xabi. No were fecking near. Pennant I think is gonna be fantastic. Gonzalez, I think will struggle. We need Harry back fast.
  2. silad

    Rafa pre-season

    You callling Robbie a beggar? I know what u mean though. He spent quite a bit of time talking to Danny O'Donnel at half-time. I'm believe in Polytheism, so Robbie and Rafa are both Gods!
  3. silad


    Godwin Antwi looks as if he has the potential as well. He's only a kid and has lots to learn. Probably go on loan for few years I'd imagine. Danny Guthrie who plays in the middle is another who looks good. He's a bit older, 19. Was at the Mancs. I haven't been convinced about Roque. Barragan looks excellent though.
  4. silad


    Yeah, that sounds like the lad we got from Citeh. He does look promising. Played on the left I think but he does have a look Fabregas about him.
  5. silad


    Think that's the lad we pinched from Man City, can't remember his name. Hamill has a skin head. Very tough looking. Which is ironic because he's not a tough player and that maybe a weakness. If he toughens up it will deffo give him a better chance. Especially if he isn't kept on and goes down the divisions. Mind you, he's only 16.
  6. silad


    I have seen quite a bit of Anderson and Hamill. Anderson is more like Aaron Lennon. Very very fast, like Owen when he was young, possibly quicker. With Anderson you also get awareness and a great final ball. I think he will make it. Which is why, if you believe whats in the papers, Rafa is not breaking the bank to buy a right winger/midfielder. He's got a good attitude. He'd already been knocked back by Leicester and the Baggies but was still determined to give it a go. Hamill on the other hand is a box of tricks. Very skillful aka Ronaldo (the femine one). If he doesn't make it, it will be his own fault. He probably needs to listen to what he's being told. I remember Fowler at about 14 and Owen when he was 15 and they stuck out like a sore thumb. Anderson is the same. Anderson and Macca are totally different players though. Macca had supreme ball control and used that to get past players. He wasn't slow but not in Anderson's class. Anderson looks like he could handle himself more. Macca was a pushover in his late teens early 20's. Always being forced off the ball. Don't forget Anderson has already made the bench. Not bad for a 17year old. Expect a few appearances next season.
  7. silad

    Jermaine Defoe

    If Defoe had been approached he'd at least start asking some questions about the club. Human nature. Not to mention he's a team mate of Danny Murphy. I really find it implausible that one of our WC players wouldn't have spoken to Defoe and vice versa about it. I suspect that Carra is just keeping out of it. Something deffo went on in January regarding Defoe though.
  8. silad

    Jermaine Defoe

    Carra has spent the last couple of weeks with Defoe. He'd know summit.
  9. silad


    I haven't posted in ages but that 3/10 pissed me off so much I just to reply. Momo was absolutely f*cking brilliant yesterday. Sure Stevie got the praise and rightly so, but Momo covered more ground than any f*cka on that pitch. He ain't never gone be a 23 goal a season midfielder but neither was/is Didi and he's a legend. Cheeky cvnts. I thought Paul Wilson wrote the Repairman Jack novels anyway.
  10. silad

    Michael Owen

    I'd prefer it if we didn't (If he's our player of course) up front, but I think he can do it because he rarely misplaces a pass when gets the ball to feet. He has the patience to wait until an option is available. He knows which defenders to turn and run against and which one's not to. Very few strikers have Michaels intelligence, which is why he is at the top.
  11. silad

    Michael Owen

    what pished me off actually, is that the Barcodes only offered 16million when the offered 28 or whatever on fat boy last year! Cheeky tvvats
  12. silad

    Michael Owen

    Your wrong mate. When a player is on his own up front means that he has 9 players in support and he is the focus of the team. Who is Owen's most prolific supplier of goals? Gerrard. When you play up front on your own, you are invariably waiting for a pass from deep which either is over the top or through the defence. Gerrard is the best we have at that defence splitting pass. Owen is also excellent at heading. I don't really say 'the air' because he's not gonna out jump a defender, but if the ball is player at a good height, he is an excellent header of the ball, great technique. He's not as good as Fowler was, but he's better than Heskey was. How many goals does Henry score with his head? For his first 100 hundred league goals for Arsenal, he scored 3!! Owen thrives on balls played ahead of him to run onto, but when he plays alongside a big man and gets a knock on, it rarely gets past the defenders, he would get it to his feet, with his back to goal and therefore have to turn, beat his man and then have a shot which he's pretty good at in comparison to most strkers, but he's not Henry when it comes to this, but he's better than Horseface at it.
  13. No fecking chance. He will got to Arze or Chelski if we don't want him back. We have a clause in the contract to buy him back.
  14. Probably right mate, as I said I'm pizzed off with it. The bloke used to run a newsagents around the corner from me.
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