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Windmill help needed

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Any commercial windmill installers out there?

great! PM me please as I have work for you


ok back in our world, does anyone want to help me with insight (or far more preferably, research....although by all means, tell me everything you know about windmills) 


I'm not that great at research, but some people on here seem to excel at it


our office building is 25000 sq feet on 5 floors, with a flat roof


Liverpool is quite flat but it's in Anfield, in one of the highest points of the city and one of the windiest


so why can't we have a windmill installed on the roof in order to create the energy needed to power the building? and equally importantly, where is the big, fat, unbureaucratic grant to finance it?


Is it because the business of fitting windmills on to buildings is a non-starter, in spite of all the bodies trumpeting the cause?  I have started looking and what immediately becomes apparent is a dearth of case studies to show how this has worked advantageously


if I were an installer, adviser or the Energy Saving Trust or similar body, I'd be starting my pitches with case studies

btw, same me would apply with solar - flat roof, 5 stories high, no neighbours so sun almost all day right?


thanks in advance

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