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Boston Marathon


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My bro lives just outside Boston. Public holiday in MA today so you'd hope less people at work, potentially more out around at the marathon though I guess.


Police are sweeping the area for more bombs apparantly, would expect a number of buildings to be evacuated.

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Big building in Central Boston (with a shopping mall) currently being evacuated according to news24

that'll be the Prudential center probably. place is massive.


From the pictures it looks like it was right outside the office whereI had my interview for my current Job. no word from up there yet...

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Yeah - but I'm ok - no chance of me ever being near a marathon route! I just heard about this, bloody hell, fingers crossed that casualty numbers are small.


Just tried calling the wife and kids. Phone's not working. It was earlier. They're off today, hope they didn't go downtown.

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Macca wasn't running in this was he?




though he would have been finished by the 4h 10 mark when they went off


Mark White@skymarkwhite1m


BREAKING - Fox News reporting police in Boston have found further unexploded devices in area of earlier explosions



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Sight of some poor arl codger falling down being shown over and over before on sky but just seen him being walked away on al-j. Poor get had just run all that way and then a bomb goes off over his shoulder, he must have the heart of a lion!

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