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NFL survivor fantasy football


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what is it?


its a survivor league...



how does it work?


each week you get to pick just one team to win.. and post it in this thread


if the team you picked does win you progress to the next week. If it loses you are all done. Its brutal.



oh yeah - and you can't pick a team twice in a season. so if you pick Tampa bay to win in week one then a) you're an idiot, and b) you can't pick tampa again.



So week one starts Wednesday.8.30pm eastern time usa, (or 1.30am thursday uk time).

if you want to pick one of those teams (cowboys are playing at the giants) do so before kickoff.

all other picks for week one must be in by 1pm eastern time (6pm in the uk) on Sunday 9th september.

anything posted after that time is invalid and you are OUT.



I'm acting as the sole umpire of the league and anyone questionng me will probably be disqualified.






pick away people....


and I think should show the week one games



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Week one selections


Jonnyc1973-- bears

nvdm - lions

leo - New Orleans

boca - texans

davvo - bears

skippy.... texans

snakebite - eagles

cobs.. green bay

ajr - lions

ejder - texans

jay m - eagles

libero - lions

Invisble man - texans

ste m - vikings

schmuckdonald - texans

d. boon texans



(still open btw - and will be until sunday at 1pm eastern. got to be in week one though - no jumping in at week 2)

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Go on, I'll be different....


I'll take the Vikings.


Brave Cobs this is one of the toughest games they'll have all year!


No matter how good that 9ers defense is (and it's f*cking beastly), they're not going into Green Bay and beating a healthy Packers team.

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