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By fans, for fans. By fans, for fans. By fans, for fans.

What shall we talk about?


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No tea connection but something to talk about....


Watched the match in th pub and like a few of our defeats ended pie-eyed and having a good laugh - even played (and won) at darts!! Completely hammered on extra-cold Guinness when I notice a high number of missed calls from my wife. Call her back and find she is at the local A&E with our little Chump (18 months old) who managed to find a plastic spoon in the local park and bit it, swallowing sharp fragments.


I get a cab there, go through to join them in the nurses station and hear all is well etc (and he is fine today so no problems). As we are leaving, Nurse asks me if I'm ok, I say 'fine' and without thinking take a step back and fall over a chair brining the partition curtain down. Wife did not see funny side - is just 'de-frosting' now!

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we could talk about fireworks, and bangers & yoof w*****s who'll be letting them off for the next 3 months

Oh joy - yes...we're entering that time again aren't we? Still - we do have the National fireworks display competition at the racecourse in Chepstow again in a few weeks - that always good. We live higher up and a bit further along the valley from that and so get a good view on the free!


Btw - Montse - lapsong - barf. Horrible stuff.

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