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White Trash is a cracking burger/grill place, tends to be very busy.

Oranianburger Strasse in the east is very lively with lots of bars and restaurants.

The area around Hackesher Maarkt also has some decent bars and restaurants.


A walk down Unter Den Linden to the Brandenburg Gate and Reichstag is a must.

Potsdamer Platz and the area around the Sony Centre is good for bits of the old wall.

Alexander Platz and the Fernstrum are well worth seeing, you'll need to pre-book to get to the top of the Fernstrum.

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Aye, area around Sony Centre is good for bars and places to eat.


Alexander Platz is great.


I really liked the east of the city. Cool vibe to it.


It's naff, but go on a bus tour! It's interesting and some of the views of things like that Reichstag are great

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Make sure you do the tour about the HQ of the Nazis / SS / Hitlers bunker etc. We had an American guide who was in his late 60's - very interesting tour and guide and a good way to spend a few hours. THe bus tour is good to find your bearings!


We had trouble finding some decent boozers over there though - the city is very spread out - nevertheless really enjoyed myself there.


The red light district is very disappointing considering it a German city :angry:


Off to Dussledorf in a few weeks which should make up for it according to a mate :lol:

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There's an irish bar in the Europa centre for any football games you fancy watching. I watched us play Villa in there - one of the worst games i've ever seen! Girlfriend was not happy!


Go to the Jewish museum. Sobering but very interesting. The sculptures outside it are designed so they always feel cold.


Wanted to go to Hitler's bunker but forgot where it was.

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Hitler's bunker is not there anymore. It's now a modern apartment block.

There is a sign to say this was the location.


The Stasi museum is meant to be good.


correct - its basically the car park belong to the apartment block that's why I recommend seeing it as part of a tour

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Yes, some cracking bars in this area. Watch out for the scantily clad prossies though.

Was there last year on Oranianburger Str. and the brass are very upfront as I thought I was being chatted up but I was well drunk!!

Cracking city, heading back for the 20th anniversary of the Berlin wall falling.

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Used these people for the free tour




We had a girl from Humboldt Univ giving us the tour and she was really good. Although free is a voluntary donation at end, worth a few euros certainly though.


Agree that Hackescher Markt is a good area. Found a good bar there called Sophie n'eck or something like that and there were plenty of good bars and restaurants underneath the railway arches. Also remember walking from there along the river bank towards the Dom and finding good bars. There was also an area beyond the old east german parliament where they had carried out some great restorations of old time bars. Don't be tempted by Berliner Weiss though, red or green it is vile.


Great City, you'll have a great time

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