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Small Airlines

Frosty Jack

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Myair and now Skyeurope have gone down in quick succession. The former owe me, the latter very nearly did.


With all these aways coming up I wouldn't recommend booking with any of the smaller airlines now.


As I posted in another thread, travelinsurance will not cover you.

Only chance to get the money back is if you pay with a credit card and ask them to remove it from your statement on grounds you did not receive the service you paid for. They usually will as far as I understand.


I'm doing Budapest with Lufthansa, who now offer more or less 99 quid return to anywhere in Europe including all taxes etc, you know what price it will be and that the airline is going nowhere, Ryanair is rarely cheaper than that for anything now with charges included. (Fiorentina i'm lucky enough to be doing it by train.)


I guess it's just a case of doing a bit of research on the airline before booking anything, but I certainly didn't do that before as I assumed i'd always be refunded should anything happen.

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