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LFC predictions


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Just two weeks before kick-off. To kill off some time, without going insane in the transfer thread, I thought we could vent our predictions for the coming season.


LFC in the league

LFC in the Champions League

LFC in the FA cup

LFC in the Carling cup

LFC Player of the year

LFC Most goals in the league

LFC Most goals in other competitions

LFC player getting most yellows

LFC player getting most reds

LFC young player of the year

LFC most improved player

LFC player most own goals

How many penalties will Pepe save



My predictions:

LFC in the league: # 1

LFC in the Champions League: Loose to Chelsea in the semies yet again

LFC in the FA cup: Loose to Tottenham in third round

LFC in the Carling cup: The youngsters will take us to the final, which we loose to Villa

LFC Player of the year: Fernando Torres. Will bang them in yet again.

LFC Most goals in the league: Torres

LFC Most goals in other competitions: Gerrard

LFC player getting most yellows: Lucas

LFC player getting most reds: Mascherano

LFC young player of the year: Lucas. This will be his breakthrough year

LFC most improved player: Babel

LFC player most own goals: Carragher

How many penalties will Pepe save: 2/5

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