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Also known as "I can't do them myself so someone please help?"


Steps/working out process would be much appreciated...


A large telecom company would like to introduce a new Value Added Service (VAS) to its customers. The marketing manager would like to know if the customer would accept the new VAS and he therefore conducted a survey to gauge the service acceptance level.


Question 1, given 95% confidence level, he would like to set an allowable error of +/– 5%, what should be the sample size that would give him desirable results?


Question 2, what assumption on population variability he made in the calculation of sample size in question 1?


Question 3, the size of customer base was 1,056,201 at the end of last financial year while the telecom company occupied an estimated 25% market share. What should be the sample size given this finite population size?


Question 4, the marketing manager has determined 4 pricing levels, HK$50, HK$35, HK$28 and HK$18 for the new Value Added Service. He has a hypothesis that at least 50% respondents will accept the VAS at a price HK$28 and above. Based on following results of the survey, please advise if the marketing manager’s hypothesis is held or not with a 95% confidence level.


				   Frequency	Percent	Valid Percent	Cumulative Percent
HK$50	7	23.3	23.3	23.3
	HK$35	3	10.0	10.0	33.3
	HK$28	12	40.0	40.0	73.3
	HK$18	6	20.0	20.0	93.3
	None of the above	2	6.7	6.7	100.0
	Total	30	100.0	100.0



Question 5, please also advise the confidence interval of all the four price range if a 99% confidence level is applied.



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