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Get on this before its taken off YouTube

Rory Fitzgerald

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In-house TV channels are usually drab affairs unless you're a massive fan of the club in question.


However, one man fearlessly tried to liven up MUTV's phone-in with Gary Pallister and Paul Parker last week.


Caller 'Simon' kicked off his question to the chaps in textbook style, by saying: "I'd like to congratulate Gary on the size of his bulge."


Cue slight bafflement all around, before presenter Hayley McQueen committed the schoolgirl error of asking him to repeat his comment.


Happy to oblige, 'Simon' clarified his remarks: "Well, it looks like he's got a massive c*ck."


We invite you to have a look at the incident, and look out for the following:


1 - Paul Parker's widening, bulging eyes.

2 - Pallister's general confusion.

3 - After her suggestion that it was 'just the angle', Ms McQueen's cheeky glance to verify 'Simon's' claims at around the 33-second mark.

4 - It might just be the angle, but it really does look like he's got a massive c*ck.



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