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that mark speight been found dead


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Very sad that, I quite enjoyed watching his programmes when my son watched them.

Bit of an entertaining character and artist, he could have been the English Rolf Harris.

not as good as the guy from art attack but still watchable



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Poor bloke must've been completely heartbroken and I'll miss him for Big Picture/Small Picture; which I watched with me kids; where he drew or made a picture by stages on a desk, then a claxon would go off, he'd gasp, look startled, don a big hat and replicate what he was doing on the desk on a grander scale on the floor.


Still won't get over how camp he became during that portrait painting show he did with two others and Rolf Harris, when he discovered that Graham Norton was to be the subject.


God bless and rest him.

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Did anyone have him on their death list?


Just asking.



ha ha ha........ i was waiting for that one..... had i made one he would have been DAMN IT!... thats a good haul of point!..... but seriously.. remember watching him on Smart when i was alot younger....... still no art attack was it eh... but RIP sad sad story

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