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Formation Thread


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I make no apologies. I want to discuss formation :bleh:


I'm really encouraged by the 4-2-3-1 system that we seem to be adopting at the minute. It's very flexible and can be easily adapted on the pitch to become more defensive or attacking as the game suits.


We've wondered for a long time if this was something that Rafa would look to adopt, having used it at Valencia. AC Milan use the same system, with Gerrard now playing for us in the Kaka role, something which suits him best I think.


When Gerrard quite literally has the freedom to go anyway, he's outstanding. When he plays either in CM, as a two, or wide right in a 4, he's been succesfull, but it can be restrictive for Gerrard and disrupt the balance of the team.


The current system does require attack minded fullbacks, ideally with pace. As such, if Rafa persists with this then I can see one or two additions there. Arbeloa is capable, and Finnan certainly can attack, though obviously the latter lacks the pace element.


Aurelio is capable also, as is Riise, but neither are world beaters.


The system would certainly suit someone like Alves.


Long term, I think it suits Babel too. He's a wide forward, not a striker and not a traditional winger.


Torres - suits him fine too.


Just leaves the right side for me. Kuyt is working his nuts off in this position, but it's not his number one spot. He is a striker ultimately. If we could add someone capable of playing front right, or left, as Babel could swap quite comfortably, we'd look really strong.


Xabi and Mascherano in the middle, with Lucas there as back up. Another forward that could fill either Gerrard's position or the one of the other three positions if needed, as cover...... and it starts to look good.


I for one would really like to see the 4-2-3-1 on a long term basis.

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