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Freaky eaters


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New series which could be interesting in a voyeuristic kinda way - my only explanation of peoples addiction or fear of certain food types must be something going back to when they were kids. I didnt like certain things but as I grew up I soon overcame it but to carry it on to adulthood must be so hard for them and their friends and family, especially when you must know you are doing damage.


Anyone like this or know of anyone like this?



The Freaky Eaters


Episode 1: Addicted to crisps

Successful 36-year-old businessman Kevin Johnson is a high-flyer with a great career and a beautiful family. However, his diet leaves a lot to be desired, consisting mainly of salt and vinegar crisps and cheese and tomato pizza. Whenever Kevin tries new food items, he's physically sick. What makes thing even worse is that Kevin's wife Sophie is French and comes from a family of gastronomic gourmands.


Episode 2: Addicted to chips

On the surface, 20-year-old Sarah Dolby is like most young women - nice family, good job, loving boyfriend. However Sarah won't eat anything except chips and white bread. As someone who's studied nutrition at school, Sarah knows the damage she's doing to herself. But will nutritionist Natalie and psychologist Benjamin be able to help Sarah tuck into a healthier diet?


Episode 3: Addicted to cheese

28-year-old Dave Nunley looks like your typical bloke. However this devoted father-of-two has never eaten a hot meal in his life and lives on a diet of grated cheddar cheese. Can Natalie and Benjamin help Dave to overcome his fear of hot food and sit down to a proper meal with his family and friends?


Episode 4: Addicted to chocolate

Geordie lass Rachel Renton is a big binge eater, gorging on huge quantities of chocolate, sweets and crisps in addition to her regular three meals a day. With the 22-year-old physically and mentally hooked on the sugars and fats from this junk food, our experts Natalie and Benjamin have just four weeks to wean her off her addiction.


Episode 5: Addicted to spaghetti hoops

Ever since he was a toddler, 25-year-old Adrian England has never eaten anything except spaghetti hoops, toast, crisps, chips and sweets. With both his health and his relationship with girlfriend Liz starting to suffer, Adrian must make some radical changes in his life and discover the underlying reasons why his diet is so poor.


Episode 6: Addicted to chicken

Everything about Debbie Ezeogu's life is great - her job, her friends, her flat. Everything, that is, except for her diet - a high fat, high salt and high sugar cocktail of fried chicken, takeaways and ready meals. At just 24 years old, Debbie is already clinically obese and risking some serious health problems. Can our experts help Debbie to understand why she resorts to food for comfort?


Episode 7: Addicted to additives

Unlike the other participants in Freaky Eaters, 35-year-old Martyn Sadd considers himself a vegetarian and thinks he eats quite healthily. However, he's afraid to eat anything that doesn't come in a packet - scared of the germs in natural food, he's especially terrified of fresh fruit and veg. Our experts have just four weeks to turn this fear around...



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