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Duncan Disorderly

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A guy goes for a job interview at an all-purpose sports dealership and the boss asks if he has any sales experience.

The guy says he could sell sand to the Arabs.

The boss likes the cut of his gib, so decides to give him a trial start.

At the end of the first day, the boss asks how many sales he`s made.

"One", says the guy.

"Only one!" says the boss. " How much for?"

"£576,283" says the guy.

After picking himself off the floor, the boss says,

"What did you sell him?!"

"Well," says the guy "first I sold him a small fishing hook, then a large one. Then he bought 3 top of the range rods. I asked him where he was going fishing, and he said he was going off the coast, so I told him he`d need a boat, so I sold him one of the high-powered twin-hulled launches. But then he said his car wouldn`t be able to pull the trailer, so he bought the 4 ltr 4 wheel-drive that came in today."

F*ck me!" says the boss, "He came in to buy a hook and you sold him all that?!"

"No" says the guy, "he asked me where he could buy some sanitary towels for his wife, and I said ""well, since your weekend`s f*cked, you may as well go fishing!"

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