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Do we try to change our strikers at Liverpool?

Bootle Buck

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It seems over the years we have bought strikers and then changed the way they played before signing for us.


Kuyt - Spends a lot of his time in midfield, I'm not sure how he was so prolific in Holland if he played this way.

Cisse - We tried to play him wide right, when he clearly didn't like it.

Morientes - Played much deeper than he ever did in Spain

Diouf - We played him mainly out wide right

Heskey - He was asked to get back and help out far too often as well as being used out wide were he wasn't effective


Many of these players came with good goalscoring pasts yet left the club with disappointing records. It just seems to me that they aren't allow the freedom to do what we really need them to do which is score as a lot more is expected of them or they are asked to play unfamiliar roles.

This isn't just a Rafa thing as I felt the same about it when GH was manager.

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