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Racist kids cant understand woman in veil

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I think he meant would the veil restrict the vision of the lady wearing such a garment, rather than a person seeing a woman in veil (Whether furiously w***ing or not)


Hope this helps.

Apologies, I was reading it as it was written. Will have to become more psychic in future.

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Serious question, i saw one woman driving in this gear the other day, does it restrict your vision?



Yes of course.


Thats why the sides of roads are littered with burnt out cars wherever you look. They do it on purpose, especially when they have their kids in the car with them. In Arab countries, they only have a 50/50 chance of reaching their destination without getting lost in the desert and hitting a camel.


Saw someone driving wearing a pair of sunglasses once adn another one wearing a baseball cap. Seriously.

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