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Sponsorship of our shirts, asian, african marketing etc etc


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Was talking to the lads who I went to the game with today and we were discussing the Parry thing (great / good/ shyte for us) and talk turned to sponsorship and marketing.


One lad mentioned that focusing on the far east, africa etc and building upon revenue potential there is pretty much a limited exercise as from their experience of going these places, most of the stuff outside of whatever official outlets there are is knock off stuff that doesn't bring us any money anyway.


Conversation then turned to sponsorship and the fact that being sponsored by an alcohol company doesnt help the above point of marketability and that it may in fact be leading to knock off revenue not going to our club funds as our shirts, in these markets, are produced without sponsor endorsement and as a result the combined legal threat / monitoring of both club, sponsor, and kit-maker is reduced.


We also wondered whether the above had any impact on the strength of the deal and revenues that we get from Carlsberg as we automatically are reducing the marketability of our brand with our current sponsors etc.


Just thought I'd throw it over to the forum to discuss...

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