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  1. They didn't do much after Turning Japanese
  2. Plenty of Spanish speakers: Suarez / Maxi / Suso / Pacheco / Ayala and Carra who speaks all languages
  3. Torres has signed for Chelsea..... shame as he'll now miss the big cup tie against the Mancs
  4. Sack him, but only if we have a replacement to take over immediately. In the Summer it was clear they wanted Rafa out at any cost and that was the only focus, then they set about the managerial process. I think if we have some miraculous reinvention against Blackburn, and irrespective of the result, we actually for the 1st time put in a half decent performance, then the owners may give him another month, but otherwise surely he is 'dead man walking'. Sound out the Hiddinks / Pellegrinis before any sacking, or otherwise it will be Martin O Neill, and the press will praise the appointment as the next Messiah.
  5. Dead monkeys Dead Salmon Trout Fried Trout Poached Trout in a white wine sauce Toad the wet sprocket Helen Shapiro
  6. Kibble w*** Uncle Frank's Death Breath
  7. Gibble Lactic Rabbit Fish f***ed Gravlax Attacks The Big Wooden Badgers
  8. Noone has mentioned it yet........ get a bike! Then you over the 1st hurdle
  9. When assessing someone for a job, I would have a passing interest in what they were doing 5 years ago, but of more interest would be their most recent history. What have they been doing relative to the position to be filled? How do their current skills apply to this position? What makes them superior to other candidates undertaking similar roles for competitors? If I were assessing anyone, it would add a small percentage to their suitability if they were good at this job in a completely different era, but I would be more interested in their recent capabilities in a similar era. Strip away the legendary status of Kenny Dalglish and what relevance does he have to the manager's role? What has he recently achieved? Is he still considered one of the finest managers / coaches in recent years? In all honesty, no. If there is a strong possibility of selling the club very soon, then he is a stop gap and he is a possibility. Otherwise, he qualifys by name only and not by his c.v
  10. RedMarauder

    Ray Alan

    Emu is looking for a friend, as he eternally waits for Nookie...
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