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  1. I thought he'd be visiting his family on Easter Island this break
  2. The La

    Election 2019

    I've been organizing with Socialist Alternative and Democratic Socialists of America for a while now, focusing on local activism for the most part but we'll do national stuff for the 2020 elections. Anyway, our DSA chapter have been phone banking for Momentum in a big way. So you can blame it on us when it goes t*** up
  3. The La

    Election 2019

    Oh boy do I like the sound of this. We should get out for a beer sometime. I'm swiping right on Stevie H
  4. Welcome back you tough old b*****d!!!
  5. Kezar is the main one. Upper Haight
  6. Jesus. Just seen this. Get well soon old friend
  7. Basically, with a condition like that you are dealing with neuropathic pain rather than nociceptive pain or inflammation (When the pain has a localized cause). Unfortunately, traditional analgesics won't help. CBD can, according to the latest theories, make you care less about the pain rather than lessen it but I'm not sure how effective it will be on this no d of pain. Worth a try though. The best bet for this kind of pain is usually and antoconvulsant such as gabapentin or pregabalin. I'm assuming you've already gone down this route?
  8. No surprise of course, but some confirmation that c**** only ever beg donations off other c**** http://www.politico.com/story/2017/06/14/trump-donors-comey-testimony-239570
  9. Tonight may finally be the night Rupert Murdoch loses control of the UK
  10. Tonight may finally be the night Rupert Murdoch loses control of the UK
  11. You going to be at the TAW do in San Francisco tonight mate?
  12. The thing that concerns me is that we really don't know what Jurgen's thinking beyond the fact that he's agreed to work with it for now. he could be delighted with the lads he's got or he could think 'this will do I suppose until I get my own people in.' it takes a village and all that and other than klopp I'm still not sure there's much competence at the club. this summer's business all seems drearily familiar, very fsg. interestingly, I was talking to my fellow insomniac Mr klopp but an hour ago and he wasn't giving anything away. "can my kids have their photo taken with you?" I asked. "yeah
  13. I think pretty much everyone was right about Ilori. Clearly has potential (thought he was really good tonight) but you do understand why a succession of managers have been loath to give him Premier League minutes.
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