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  1. I would say Spurs is down from Liverpool, but then I admit I'm biased. (yeah I know they've finished above us 5/6 years, but that's partly the reason he was sacked) He apparently turned down spurs when he took the job in the first place. He's failed at Liverpool so of course his next job is a step down. Don't think Spurs will be recruiting for a while, so he's either waiting for a Southampton or the like to have their manager poached by a bigger club, or take over a Newcastle / Villa whist they are in the sh*t and get them back into Europe. I have no idea what his level is though. Given wh
  2. Klopp said in the presser he had seen the last three games, but if he was asked Sunday he'd have seen the last 20. He's got our worst home and away defeats in 50 years in that that lot, The semi, Hull, Palace the mancs and arsenal. Poor f*cker.
  3. First I heard was Graeme Kelly on Anfield Index podcast, recorded Sunday or Monday. He also posted it on twitter as well as calling BR out last week regardless of derby result. Can't see it anywhere earlier than him.
  4. How about More at http://www.espnfc.co.uk/blog/the-toe-poke/65/post/2402760/12-of-the-best-jurgen-klopp-quotes-top-of-the-klopps
  5. Probably have a rep for being anti-BR. Never thought he was the best choice, thought he was a gamble we never needed to take with better candidates available. However we are where we are. I am glad he's gone and we can move forward, but I also feel bad for him. I hated RFH, I don't hate Rodgers. I'll clap him when he comes back to Anfield. I am not as convinced as some he'll be a top class manager in 5 or so years, but if he is, fair play. I don't want to watch him learn anymore. I have also criticised FSG for their dithering, in some ways that we are doing this in October rather than May pr
  6. It's also irrelevant to the current situation if he has no idea how he did what he did in 13/14. I'm all for giving BR all the credit in the world for nearly winning the league, but the players he's targeted and / or favoured (Lallana, Lovren, Lambert, Benteke etc) and the tactics he's chosen do not seem conducive to repeating that feat. Everything he's done since May 2014 seems to have moved us further away. It doesn't matter if it was all BR or all Suarez if BR can't get us playing well without one of the best players in the world, we either have to buy one of the best players in the wo
  7. I'm not convinced they have a short list. When they sacked RFH they seemed to surprise themselves with their decision. Kenny had left for a holiday on the other side of the world the day before. They'd been here 4 months by then and couldn't forsee their own decision 24 hours in the future. Then, they had ages to line up Kenny's replacement and yet, due to the very public parade of candidates, we again know they didn't make a move until Kenny's office was empty.
  8. It's what done for RFH. 35'400 for what turned out to be his last home match. http://lfcstats.co.uk/20102011attendances.html
  9. Agree with all of this. Had my doubts and concerns before, but the Villa semi was like the Everton match under RFH. It became beyond doubt that it wasn't going to work. On the TAW point, it would be ridiculous to sack him now after backing him in the summer, but the part that is ridiculous is the backing him, firing him just exposes that decision for what it was. The longer this goes on, the more ridiculous that decision (or lack of decision) looks. If we sack him in 2 matches, or 2 months, it will not only look ridiculous to have backed him in the summer, it will look ridiculous to have w
  10. So you seem to think, and mention it every time I post. Like some dull-witted twitter spambot. Put me on ignore then if it annoys you so much, at least we won't have to see your tedious responses to my posts.
  11. It's great if we get to acclimatise him for 6 months, use him instead of Lambert / Borini, just as long as he's not meant to be here to save our season, that wouldn't be fair. Can't really see us signing another forward on top though.
  12. You do realise you are whining about whining? At least if I whine it's on topic.
  13. Get French Football ‏@GFN_France 1m1 minute ago According to the AFP, Liverpool will bring back Divock Origi from Lille early next month, paying €6m to do so. More to follow. So, instead of investing in the world class talent clearly needed for BR's system to work, we are going to rely on a child saving our season. He's scored 4 goals in France this season.
  14. TBF, the idea that we have more than one line of defence, or even one line of defence, is not strongly supported with evidence.
  15. Sky Sports Jounro and LFC fan: Sam Drury ‏@SamDrury11 52m52 minutes ago Sounds like Rodgers' press briefing (off camera) was a lively one. Should be worth keeping an eye out for the papers later. #LFC Sam Drury @SamDrury11 · 48m 48 minutes ago @RaksMistry seems to have had a go at the media.
  16. Sounds like BR has given a weird presser. Very short apparently, Echo has a full transcript, it's not quite yes / no answers but not far off. Then a sky journo is saying he gave a 'lively' briefing off camera. Also, apparently Val Gaal got a bit stroppy with the media when they asked him about Valdes to Liverpool.
  17. Apparently BR's said Jones will start against arsenal - that should liven it up.
  18. That first goal was incredible. But the display last night (and against them at the w/e) that BR's system needs very good players up front. We need the top attacker in Jan, it has to happen otherwise there is no point persisting with this.
  19. Getting to the point whether you wonder if we should just throw another attacker on and play with 11 outfield players
  20. We spoke to AVB when we appointed BR and FSG decided against him. Can't think of anything he's done in the meantime that would change their mind
  21. I assume he means talks with Liverpool before BR. The paper have spun it to look like it means recently.
  22. Gomez

    FSG Watch...

    They have, but usually to centres of excellent rather than to other sports teams. I probably am though.
  23. Gomez

    FSG Watch...

    Is it unreasonable of me to wonder why Sturridge has to go to the Red Sox for treatment? Rather than have good enough medics here? Does this go back to the surprise sack of Bruckner and promoting Dr Zaf rather that replacing him. Or does it just feel like that because of the rest of the way the club seems to be run?
  24. Gomez

    FSG Watch...

    More that it's probably really hard to replace Ayre. You have to find a replacement (which they've failed to do publicly at least twice, but more wouldn't surprise me) and then you have to get rid of Ayre and hand over, which given the fact that he seems to be the only senior figure at the club based in Liverpool, I would guess would be difficult. They've had ideal opportunities to do it, when they first came, and again each time they promoted him from acting MD, to MD to CEO. But each time they've took the easy option.
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