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    Michael Owen

    Because they are seeded so we can't knock them out earlier
  2. Gomez

    Michael Owen

    Nah, he'll be ineligable to play in the final against Real, as he'll be on loan.
  3. Gomez

    Michael Owen

    Anyone have a link to barcode forum, I don't want to stir, just interested on whether they think he will go there or not, and also on his statement that they are second choice. The bloke from the newcastle local paper on R5 said they still considered Liverpool to be huge favourites.
  4. This means that either Rafa or O'Leary is lying, or we are intersted in Solano, but not as part of a Baros deal? I'm all confused, I was convincing myself that Owen was close to coming back, but this is making it look like we aren't actually interested and it's all just wishful thinking by a lot of people, including, probably Owen.
  5. He's bought out the two irish horsey types, and launched a formal bid. Is this good for us? I'm not convinced.
  6. Yep, R5 where going with the story and mentioned it to H Redknapp in the post match interview. He said "Nope, he's not coming to us" The interview almost started arguing with HR as the Notts Forest chairman had confirmed it earlier, but then realised if HR said he wasn't coming, he wasn't. HR pretty much confirmed he was going to spurz
  7. This is not a stupid as it sounds (and it does sound pretty stupid) Anelka is going to Fenebache for £7.xm, don't know the exact price, but it's more than we paid for Morientes. Give him a year there, and he will be available for around £2m. The turkish league does not get the coverage of the prem, la liga or serie a (or even the bundesliga) and he will be out of sight out of mind for a bit. Then he will want to return to the premiership. Wait a year, save £5m. Bargain.
  8. He's a bit of a t***, but he's not as bad a character as some at newcastle. Bellamy on loan would be a good deal, specially if Flo is out for the rest of the season which is sounding likely.
  9. I'd be up for a few. Though am I wrong in thinking the red ones have been used for AIDS charitites? I know they used red ribbons, but I'm sure I heard they did wristbands as well after the Lance Armstrong campaign. Maybe it won't matter as everyone associates them with ribbons, but you should possibly check it out. Maybe red and white? Though I'm sure that would push production costs up.
  10. Sounds a good idea. Though, I have to say I'm surprised they costs £1 to manufacture! I would have thought it would be pence.
  11. That's the thing. If the article had just stuck to Ken Bigley then it would have not caused widespread offence, though I still doubt now is the most sensitive time to make these comments before there has even been a funeral. However, defence of the article on the Ken Bigley point is not support for the Hillsborough lies, it's just missing the point. The BBC has the headline "Bigley article angers Liverpool" That is not true and it belittles the argument and sweeps the outrage under the carpet as over reaction.
  12. Reminds me of that 'self pity city' article by that other tory bigot, after the Jamie Bulger murder. (The same bile and condemnation was not aimed at the residents of Soame, which is in Cambridgeshire BTW) I understand that some people might feel 2 minutes silence for one person is over doing it, fair enough, that's a personal view and they are entitled to it. But why do they always have to drag Hillsborough into it, and attempt to justify the foul lies at the time? This will be reported at Liverpool up in arms over bigley slur (ie, as on R5 at the moment) but it's the Hillsborough comment
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