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  1. A bit early though? Would have thought we'd wait until around 25th Jan. If we go too early there's a danger we won't be able to run out of time.
  2. With the stability, control, money and players arsenal have. They really should be doing a lot better than they are.
  3. Gomez

    FSG Watch...

    I think Ayre was a dramatic improvement on the previous situation of Parry doing everything himself, and therefore not doing much. I guess people are still comparing with 10 years ago. I completely agree about FSG's continual employment of Ayre. After RFH, Evra-gate, Chang, too many transfer failures and fiascos to count and just an general dearth of success, you'd think they try something different. If we were innovative and leading the way commercially, I would understand, but as you say we are not. I used to think it was linked to the renewal of the Standard Chartered deal, but again, t
  4. Technically, we haven't been the same defensively since Carra stopped being any good at some point during Rafa's last season. Barring a brief spell under Kenny when Agger and Skrtel seemed to get it together.
  5. To be fair, very large and profitable corporations still use garbage like graphology and the like when recruiting. Doesn't mean it works. Psychometrics tests, as used by HR departments are mainly expensive boondoggles as well.
  6. That's quite depressing. From Wikipedia: I'd assumed being into psychology and conditioning he was more of an empirical man. Hopefully it's just something that is made more of than we really use. It's a bit Eileen Drewery otherwise.
  7. It's massive plus on the TC's CV, of which BR is a part. Does he? Seriously? I really hope not, such an obvious pile of pseudo-scientific woo.
  8. Who ever has leaked the story hasn't mentioned the players BR wanted and didn't get, and turned out to be flops. I notice it doesn't mention that he wanted Dempsey instead of Sturridge?
  9. He is, and as back up, fine, but at £5m for a 31 y.o 2nd choice keeper, I think it's fair to say we should be doing better. That we signed no one is damning, but it's not a reason to sign Vorm. It's not him or no one, though as I said above, it does seem to be with us. I wonder if it's politics in the TC committee? No one agrees on one player so they all veto each others and we end up with no one! Would also explain the irrational logic of Sanchez -> Remy -> Balotelli? - Right we tried to get your choice but couldn't, now lets try mine?
  10. Can totally understand the TC not wanting to pay for Vorm, he's not good enough. Why does it always seem to be 1 person's choice, or no one at all though?
  11. He said lots of other things as well, mainly about not seeing eye-to-eye with Rodgers and about Rodgers damaging his confidence. Yep, and given that 50% of signings fail, we shouldn't be booting them out the door as soon as we can, we certainly shouldn't be paying money to do so. The other issue is that Reina and Agger were both strong characters, their replacement Lovren and Mignolet are definitely not. We used to have a squad full of players with bo!!ocks (Gerrard, Carra, Masch, Reina, Agger, Xabi, Kuyt etc), don't think BR has bought one. You can forgive the kids as they need time to
  12. Gomez

    Europa League

    Ha. Exactly my reaction.
  13. Gomez

    Europa League

    It's going to be Napoli isn't it?
  14. Don't think you do remember right. Mignolet was clearly signed to replace Reina who was then forced out, allegedly for financial reason, though it turned out we were paying Napoli to play him. The spin was that Mignolet was to challenge Reina, but it wasn't believable at the time, even less so in hindsight.
  15. Supposedly Purslow and RFH misunderstood the rules regarding the number oh home-grown players. Whether it's true or not I have no clue, damningly it wouldn't be the stupidest thing either of them had done, probably not even top 10.
  16. There's the PR aspect as well. Their fans hate us and Cech is a legend there. Selling him to us would be unpopular
  17. I've been pretty much anti-sacking him the last few month, if I think we are getting a couple of experienced top class players in Jan (keeper / forward) then I am happy to give him until the end of the season. If we are not going to sign those two players, we may as well get rid, because BR's system, without the worldies up front demonstrably isn't going to work.
  18. We've only been a competitor to them for about 8 months in the last 5 years. I know they sold Mata to the mancs last year, but that was an FFP sale. They have an issue with us, from making snide comments in the programme when they bought Yossi, whinging about Moses not playing and being supposedly p*ssed off that we made them look stupid over Sturridge. Depends what you mean by stupid money. What I am saying is I only see them selling to us at say £30m, which I don't think we should pay. I don't see us getting him for £12m or whatever was touted in the press. What are we meant to be payi
  19. OK. I really can't be ar$ed to get involved in a clamour to reinstate Mignolet, nor can I be ar$ed to defend Jones any more than I have. Neither of them deserve it to be honest, and both are a distraction from the root cause which is the manager and his coaches.
  20. Would be ideal but I just don't see a reality where chelsea sell him to us. Unless we pay stupid money for him, which FSG won't and probably shouldn't.
  21. No thanks, I saw it enough times yesterday. But you are kidding yourself if you think Mignolet wins or draws that game for us. Maybe he'd have got the first, but I doubt he makes much difference When you have Allen getting megged and two others watching him, and Rooney being given all the time in the world you have bigger issues for that goal than the keeper. I don't think Jones made the clanger than Mignolet's been averaging every match. And it's clearly not for man u away, Mignolet's been dropped for good, by the looks he won't play for us again barring injury or suspension of Jone
  22. Why? Mignolet's form really has been that bad. Do you seriously think the result would have been any different yesterday with Mignolet in goal?
  23. There is also a thing called form, and Mignolet's has been atrocious. His confidence is completely gone. Mignolet's he's not even shot-stopping any more. He's a liability and he's damaging the rest of the team. It was right to give Jones a chance to see if his form is any better. I see no problem with trying something different when what you've been doing is not working. Had. He's not even been doing that. He's an open door. Every shot seems to be going in. Someone on here was claiming he's have saved the first goal yesterday, despite watching a shot go in from further out midweek.
  24. Mignolet is a better keeper than Jones, no one can argue otherwise, but he is shot, he's done none of the above for months, he's finished here. It's a disgrace we have no better keeper than Jones, but we don't. He's not a long term options, but he's at least got something to play for, even if it's the right to be our 2nd choice (which we should really be doing better than )
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