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  1. It's not one season out though is it? This is a not a stable club with a stable management situation that was just unlucky and missed out. It's a club that has to make major changes, and invest serious money (even if it's just on the hiring and firing) to get back in. Even if they make some changes, no one will know if they are the right ones until well after the window is closed. They could compensate by over paying wages, which is something we refused to do
  2. Could be worse. Don't think the home kit is as good as the current one. Had promised the kids one, so was probably getting a couple unless it was a travesty of the scale of the addidas 1992-1995 proportions, which it clearly isn't.
  3. More hit and miss that though. If you are going to rely heavily on incoming loans, it only takes a few to miss and you are screwed. Barry and Lukaku have been huge parts of their success this season.
  4. Yeah, he's out of contract isn't he? I was thinking more about Barry, that article says he could join them permanently. Guess he'd have to take a huge pay cut.
  5. Be interesting to see whether he likes of City and Chelsea are as eager to deal with Everton next season a they were last season, when they were perceived as no threat to the top 4.
  6. Have you seen his attempts to spell Michael?
  7. Bricking it again, Feels like we can't afford to drop any points at all, and there'll be too many players in their team looking for revenge for my liking. Also, not convinced on this they're safe so they won't be arsed argument. Seems more likely they'll be relaxed with the pressure off.
  8. Hooper? Cavalieri always seemed up to the job when he was called on. Think he's done alright since he left as well from what I've read. Think he even got a couple of caps for Brazil. You are always going to have some level of drop off, it's just at the moment it seems we have a huge one.
  9. If the RFH had taken over man u instead of Moyes, he'd have still had them performing at a 45 point level like he did us. His system and methods are player agnostic.
  10. Wasn't it established in the summer that Konoplyanka's agent lives in Liverpool? So, he's probably just coming home.
  11. Course they are, if someone can buy City when Man u are winning shed loads and City are midtablers, then someone can buy everton if they get in the CL. It doesn't have to be a oligarch either, just someone more competent than Bill would make a stronger everton, and I don't want them any stronger than necessary. I'd have been happy to see them relegated.
  12. Don't know, he looked like he wasn't expecting it, which would be odd considering he made the run for a reason.
  13. I don't want Wenger to be sacked, I want him to continue trophy dodging for a long long time. He goes and they could appoint someone good and modern. I don't really care who gets it as long as we get 3rd or above. But no good ever came from supporting everton.
  14. Smithdown does. Why though? Arsenal have enough in the bank that they are not going to spiral into a sea of debt and firesales due to a season out of the CL. We think Everton are so small that they will never be a credible threat, but getting in the CL changes a lot, consider that Chelsea are only where they are because they got in the CL on the last day of the season, had they not the russian would have bought someone else. One day Billwright is going to succeed in selling them, and being in the CL only makes them more attractive to the kind of buyer we'd rather they didn't have.
  15. Yeah, but he couldn't. I am not sure if this season was a fluke, or he has as bad a fitness record as his year here suggests, but either way, we need a better 4th choice CB than Toure, and that role shouldn't be filled by one of the kids (Ilori / Wisdom) as they are much better served by getting guaranteed games on loan. I can see an argument for replacing Agger with a second choice LCB with a better fitness record, but the correlation between Agger playing and us keeping clean sheets is not to be dismissed. It's unlikely to be a coincidence and probably is related to something along the lin
  16. I find my opinion changing weekly on Skrtel, wouldn't have been gutted to see him leave last summer and spent most of the season expecting him to be replaced next summer, but he's been our best defender this season, and has been instrumental in us being where we are. He goal return has vastly improved as well. We will be doing very very well to improve on him. And even if we do, I would hope we keep him, at least for a year, just in case. I know he makes mistakes, but all defenders do. I'd be buying a right-sided DB to replace Kolo, he doesn't need to play as often next year as he has this y
  17. Yeah, don't understand those who want Everton to get in the CL. I can understand apathy as to whether arsenal / spurs or everton get it, but actually wanting them to win? When they play chelsea, I'll want them to win, that will be it. Even when they play man u, I'll be wanting man u to win (or draw), because I want as big a gap as possible between us and them.
  18. A bit like Sherwood taking every opportunity to take about his planning for the summer and next season.
  19. Spurs signed some good players and have a good squad, when they get a decent manager (rumoured to be LVG) they will still have a good squad, they won't need rebuilding. Same as a man u. I guess it will depend how much they gambled on CL football, and how much it not coming off will cost them. Think it's the other way around. City can afford to draw, which is why they are favourites. Chelsea need to beat us, though I guess we'll have played City by then, so f*ck knows what the situation will be.
  20. Bricking it again now. Had a bad feeling about this game all week, the pressure on them is going to be immense. We need to cope with it better than we did on Wednesday.
  21. Yeah, never really understood the suggestion that someone will buy a club, build them up, (build a stadium) and then sell them on for a huge profit. It's what FSG have been accused of, but it supposes that there are loads of billionaires out there desperate to buy a club but unable to build them up themselves.
  22. Course I love Moyes, Who doesn't at the moment? This IS hilarious, when he's sacked the hilarity stops. I want him to stay there for ever. But I think he's a goner in the summer. Just want him to remain until at least they are out of the CL (don't want a new manager bounce)
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