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  1. No evidence to back that up other than wishful thinking. He's not been stopping anything for weeks. He needed dropping, he needs replacing. Jones is crap but at least there's only a chance he's going to cost us a goal rather than a sure fire certainty.
  2. Would have him at the moment if I am honest. We need more than 1 striker in Jan, we need a worldie and someone to replace Borini that might actually get a game, so as long as it's a low cost deal, and I can't imagine he's commanding top wages any more, I'd take it. As long as he's not the only signing though.
  3. This is why I don't get Carra & Neville's so called respected analysis. It never seems to go beyond the individuals. Defending is done as a unit, you can't buy a load of good defenders and expect them to become an good defence without coaching. Lovren probably is good (Carra and Hansen thought so), Sakho clearly is, Skrtel has been our best defender more season's than he's not, Agger is/was a very good defender under other managers, Coates was one of the most highly rated young defenders in world football/ The only common denominator is BR, and he's been struggling to sort out our defen
  4. Not a fan of Jones, have been advocating replacing him ever since RFH and Purslow signed him because they mis-read the rules. Even more so since Doni left and he became our out-and-out No.2. However, didn't think he was at fault today, you leave strikers like Rooney and Van Persie in that much space and no keeper is going to have much chance. Picking holes in whether he dived one way or the other is pointless, he took a chance, they are not the fundamental handling / positioning / game-reading errors Mignolet has been making his entire time here and the last 12 months specifically. Thought Jon
  5. Yep, as has been said, the committee are identifying the right players (Costa, HM, Sanchez, Willian) it's the closing of the deals where we are failing. Don't think giving BR autonomy over transfers is a good move, his record just isn't good enough, and especially if the only reason to do it is so we know he's 100% to blame before we sack him.
  6. Who though? Kenny? Can't see it. Gerrard? Would be a dreadful move, specially if they had to go down the line they did with Kenny and give him an extension because he's done well-but-not-top-4-well, and then inevitably fire him because he is ultimately inexperienced. Pascoe? Seen nothing to suggest he's not BR's yes-man. I'm hoping that's just lazy thinking because of Nicol's LFC and USA connections. Don't think Kenny will make a good DoF either
  7. Whilst I agree we shouldn't be sacking him at the moment. 1. The club aren't going to brief the press that they are thinking about sacking him. 2. RFH's job was safe right up to the point they sacked him, with Kenny being allowed to leave on a cruise 24 hours beforehand. 3. If the performances don't improve and the attendances start dropping, he'll be gone. It was probably the attendances dropping that did for RFH. But the rule for any role at the club, if we can improve on them in the short and long term, we should do so, if we can't we should stick with him. I can't see how we realistica
  8. Prepare yourself for "January is always a hard time to do business" and then pages and pages on here of Suarez/Masch/Sturridge et al.
  9. This is fair, but it requires the minimum of a decent signing in Jan, one that recognises the issue of having no cover for Sturridge. A signing of sufficient quality he can cover for DS in the likely event of another injury, one that is experienced enough not need a settling in period, one that has the balls not to shrink under the shirt, and one that has the attributes to fit in with our style of play - hard work and movement. If that doesn't happen, he's gone in May because I can't see him turning it around without that. And that is the bare minimum, we clearly need a keeper as well.
  10. Arsenal convinced him he'd be better off there. We pay people lots and lots of money to people for them to convince players like him to come to us. They seem to fail a remarkable amount of the time when we are up against teams around us. Yet they always have a handy excuse that people are eager to swallow. Where has the 'prefer London' excuse come from? The journos friendly with the club, therefore it has come from those at LFC who were responsible for signing him and failed to do so. Of course they are not going to say we missed out because we were outmanoeuvred by arsenal, or we have a hard
  11. Yep, and FSG have just lost one of the stars of their other team due to bungling a contract offer. He wanted to stay but they faffed around and p*ssed him off and despite a visit from JWH himself, he still f*cked off to a rival. The Boston Media don't seem impressed.
  12. Yep. We have other problems apart from the manager and sacking Rodgers won't solve everything, if anything given the void it will create, but that doesn't mean he has a free pass, as I said in an earlier post, what is he actually getting right at the moment?
  13. I don't really want to believe last season was all down to Suarez, (and Sturridge) but the way the summer played out does make you think Rodgers didn't know how it happened? How could he have not seen that without the movement up front that he was not going to get from Lambert and Balotelli, the system was not going to work? If he was the architect, and had a say (and he claims final say) on the transfer committee, how does it happen? And as in the past he's claimed he's confident he can convince any player to come if he just sits down in front of them and explains his vision, why did he n
  14. Which is the only reason we have a non-zero chance of getting him. Klopp has more than one season he can point to as a track record as well, and they don't include the word 'nearly'
  15. If we could get Klopp or Rafa in tomorrow, I'd drop BR in a heartbeat, but that's not going to happen so for me we stick with BR at least until the end of the season, then we re-assess. We could still get CL football, either via the EL or top 4, but that is not going to happen unless something changes, we can't go on hoping Sturridge gets fit, stays fit, and plays two matches a week for the rest of the season, that would be madness. All that can really change is a new signing, a Sanchez level player and a new Keeper in Jan. We just need to hope we can remain in touch until we get one. We als
  16. I agree. It's not so much who we signed, it's who we didn't. I think someone on TAW said that our plan for replacing Suarez seemed to be telling everyone that asked that you "can't replace Suarez" Would include Moreno in that list of decent signings, and Manquillo even if he is only on loan. Not sure on Lallana though, he looks a good squad player, a bit like Allen, not a disaster, no need to ship out, but we could have done better and for our most expensive signing their respective summers, we probably needed to. Sanchez in place of Balotelli and we are a totally different proposition, ev
  17. Maybe if he'd have frozen him out in July, rather than playing him in every friendly until he was injured, the point might have been made with more clarity.
  18. Exactly what I have been saying; only a lot more better.
  19. The problem with all these leaks rumours is that you can pick and choose fit whatever view point you already have. There were lots of leaks about Sahin coming because of his agent and BR, or because of Mourinho / BR etc. But when it comes down to what actually happened afterwards, it looks like BR either had no idea what to do with Sahin, or didn't want him in the first place.
  20. Yep, it's ridiculous. Suarez wasn't available, Barca got him because they are better than us and were willing to pay big money. So basically, the players available to us are most of the players at worse/smaller teams than us, and some of the players not getting a game at teams better/bigger than us. It's all down to where we draw the line on what we are willing to pay. We seem to draw the line pretty low. The list should have been large, with Sanchez at the top, Remy at the bottom, and Balotelli not on it at all because despite being a good player, he obviously doesn't fit our system.
  21. I think we'll know in Jan. No top quality signings and FSG have written him and this season off. I can't see a way out of this without a new striker, and not another child, but an experienced one with movement and goals, and a new keeper. I think we need a DM and a CB, but I think we can muddle through 'til the summer if he plays Can and Sakho. At the moment it feels like they are being excluded because of a fued with the committee. I also get the never-signed-a-DM thing, but if we accept he was intending on playing Gerrard there, and now he isn't, he needs a player to play there. Lucas ca
  22. If his first choice players are Borini, Allen, Worm, Ashley Williams, Gylfi, Lovren and Mignolet. I have no sympathy with him. He wanted Dempsey instead of Sturridge remember. Not a strong character amongst them either, regardless of quality. The committee seems very good at identifying players, at least the first choice ones, it's just poor at closing the deals. And even poorer at having a backup option. I'm fine with the manager not having total control over the signings, we've had too many clear-outs due to managerial changes to want it any other way. The last thing we need would be for
  23. . Sorry, might have been taken in by a fake TB account. Was retweeted by Jim Boardman. The Sturridge tweet is legit though, I guess that's what the tiny-minded imbecile behind the account going off.
  24. We do, but I think last year and this summer proved that a decent signing or two and we could suddenly look right back in it again. I've always thought the 5-year-plan was just an excuse for not having a plan at all, a RFH-esque attempt at staying in the job as long as possible. If we'd have signed Sanchez. or had a plan B that was at his level, we'd have been right back up there. It is very concerning that there are a number of leaks from the club about doing no business in the winter. Reminds me of when they'd decided to get rid of Kenny so rather than gamble on a couple of decent signing
  25. They've already loaned one ex-LFC-transfer-target-chelsea-player, so don't think they are allowed another.
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