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  1. You keep me singing Curtis Jones, you keep me singing Curtis Jones
  2. Hobbsie


    I've had a few shots of whiskey ànd in tears. What a year, what a team
  3. Hobbsie


    I'm in tears, f***ing fantastic
  4. I'm going into work tomorrow in a wine 'showroom', I know that sounds easy but to tell the truth I'm not looking forward to it. People have been buying non stop and I've washed my hands so much that they look like they belong to Joan Rivers. From Monday I turn into my son's teacher and I have to admit that whilst I'm looking forward to spending more time with him, a 5 year old can be pretty demanding. Oh well, we have to just go for it
  5. Yeah but then you'll need toilet roll...
  6. Hobbsie


    The fair and sensible option is to take the league table as it is now as if it was the final position
  7. Took my 4 yr old to that and enjoyed it more than I was expecting
  8. I'm devastated, Rush provided the soundtrack to most of my life. Considering the heartbreak he overcame in his life it's crushing that he went this way. RIP
  9. Happy new year everyone
  10. Hope his injury isn't too serious, been great having him back
  11. So proud of this team, now let's go get no. 6
  12. What a night to be off the booze!! Can't believe it, what a team
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