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    Very sorry to hear this Sammy! Been following your updates and hoping for the best. I lost my mum just before Xmas so understand some of what you'll be going through, although these are particularly difficult circumstances, so I really feel for you. As others have said, I hope your mum finds strength in her religion in the next few days, weeks and months ahead. Grief is a very complex emotion for all, and its only looking back now i can make some sense of it all. As others have it is very important that you take time for yourself. Take care, YNWA RIP
  2. AC


    I think they are pushing that on, and releasing beds as they are ready - only read this in the trade press though.
  3. AC


    We work in construction, and yesterday were called in to help ready a field hospital. They are putting in two helicopter landing pads to bring patients in by Chinooks - very frightening hearing the project manager from the NHS. Firstly spelling out the urgency required, and also how this could potentially play out.
  4. AC


    I can genuinely see us winning it, and Jordan / Jurgen saying afterwards “this isn’t about us, this is about the country”. That would be satisfying on every level after all the sh*t that’s gone round about scrapping the season, and I genuinely think it will put LFC on a different platform for values and morals than any other club
  5. I’d always lean towards a Gerrard goal, but on balance I’d have to say Dirk Kuyt’s first v United when he scored a hat-trick because that’s when I realised we had a player in Suarez .... and it was very desperate times after G&H nearly ruined the club. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ynZPo5gLeak (started this as I’m now really starting to miss football) i appreciate it would be easy to say Salah or Origi in Madrid!!
  6. AC


    We employ over 300 in the construction sector over 16 sites. we’ve been working on contingency plans all weekend, and anticipate some sort of shut down in the next 7-10 days. Whether this is forced by our clients, the Government, or our own call as to what we think it right. we’ve had no lead from the Government, apart from what we’ve seen in the press or our research. We are going into crisis mood, and making whatever preparations we think are necessary. This will have serious financial consequences for all, businesses included. Plus I think it will take 12-18 months for things to get back to “normal”.
  7. Considering I was dead against signing him, thought it was pointless, I changed my opinion during his first season. Remember a few goals and decent assists (Newcastle at home etc), plus positive runs, so think he was decent. His injury against Roma was a big blow at the time I remember, so yeah I’d say he’s been decent. Also seems like a very good lad around the squad. I’d give him at least another season before he’s written off
  8. Shrewsbury 1 up in 89th minute!
  9. Still can’t work out how Gini didn’t get a foul on the edge of their box, which then allowed them to break!
  10. Could be a good addition to the squad. Difficult to see where we improve the first team without spending big money and potentially disrupting the dynamics. I’d see him as a better sub option to Shaq, who it’s obvious Klopp doesn’t trust, so doesn’t use. If we want to push on we need a stronger bench - not always easy to do so got to target those that are available and prepared to accept the situation.
  11. What is all this M’bappe stuff? Gone up a notch on Twitter today!
  12. Carbon copy of their pen last year VVD on Lemela! Everyone was adamant that was a pen
  13. AC

    FSG Watch...

    Genuinely believe nights like this wouldn’t happen if we’d moved to Stanley Park. The legend and aura of Anfield play a massive. Thank you to FSG for their vision & backing. They get stick at times, but right now I wouldn’t swap them for anyone!
  14. Got to feel for City. Every time they go and win, we respond with more.... more passion, more pride, more togetherness. You might go and win the league, but we all know you looking at us, and if you’re honest, you’d rather be over here!!! We don’t want you, we’ve got our lads. They love us, and we love them.
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