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  1. Good luck to you. She's in her late 70s with a bad hip, bad shoulder and fast going deaf So if it like motorboating, then its with a leaking rowboat Let me know if you manage to get a word of sense out of her :-)
  2. Are you channelling 'Ideal World' by The Christians?
  3. We are not down 3-0 and Djimi Traore is nowhere near the pitch I am staying positive for now
  4. Caroll, Carroll, Caroll or however you spell it
  5. That is obscure, and I say that as someone who grew up in Bedford But Biggleswade doesn't even register as the wierdest sounding place in that area - just down the road you have 'Moggerhanger' And I'd argue that Dunstable is a bigger dump than Stevenage
  6. What happened was two things - the explosion of tv money means this is now a business not a sport - and the money attracted agents - Mr 10%s who's only interest is to keep moving their players around as much as possible I'm off to mumble inanely about 'jumpers for goalposts...' :-) (And before anyone interprets it as otherwise, that was not a snide comment towards Leo No.8, it was merely an honest reflection on my mid-life crisis and disenchantment with the way the transfer media circus)
  7. The bit about 'taking all the responsibility of the situation and for people who didn't want it' seemed like a bit of an accusation aimed at someone. And I assumed the typing in capitals was his attempt to shout at someone. So, maybe rant is a bit much, but he's definitely not trying to build bridges :-)
  8. What's with Borini's Twitter rant? Not sure if he is angry at LFC, Sunderland, QPR, fans who wanted him to leave.... or just the world in general Don't see how it sets him up well for finding a new home in the next window, or for resettling in with our squad for the next four months
  9. Ermmm, compared with the start of the summer, we look more likely to have Suarez in our starting line up for most of the season :bleh:/>/>/> Ohh and I almost forgot, there is no longer any risk of Downing in the first team, that is definitely an improvement::D/> Yeah, I know - clutching straws
  10. What disappear up his own a***, and then rematerialise in London witha self-satisfied smirk?
  11. jai

    Luis Suarez

    Agree with this but who would you see as a good replacement for him? Do you try and get a younger and cheaper player in the same mould - and are there any out there? Or do we go for an out and out striker and then also add some more creativity to midfield? And if we do all that before we have sold Suarez, then do we make it harder for us to negotiate a good price for him? You know, much as everyone likes to give Ayre a lot of stick, I am really hapy I don't have his job :-)
  12. Agreed but Eriksen has been playing in a better league, so who knows how that will translate into goals in the Prem Out of interest, anyone know what the stats are for the two of them for assists? If Luis stays, then having Coutinho and one other feeding him and Sturridge might be more productive than having an extra person who is mostly creatign chances for themselves.
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