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Went to Crewe Vs Brighton today


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Took the niece (well she took me as she has an ST there).


Hugely enjoyable day and I must say that the facilities have gone up a fair bit since my days in the paddock there a decade ago.


They have TVs in the area where you get your bovril, which made it handy for catching the HT scores, and probably more canteen counters and folk serving per head than we have.


Best of all though was seeing how the crowd do their thing. Two fellas with drums banging louder than the crowd itself, was pleasantly surprised to see how many families and young folks were there as well. The old 'you're shiiit-ahh' chant at set pieces (which is the only one that our lolly is allowed to swear at - fecking hell, when she told me that i proper had to put the brakes on my usual match day language); no chants for individual players.


Really brought home how things are so different for us. I had to bite my tongue on several ocassions and not least when the urge to sing FAOR, we hate nottingham forest etc hit me.


Really made me laugh when the gresty road end were singing 'we want Gradi out, we want Gradi out' only for Crewe to score seconds later and the tune changed to 'Da-rio Da-rio' :lol: Crewe have always been a second team to me and any fool knows that they would be nowhere near where they are if it wasn't for him. That said, maybe if he didn't take a 10% net off player sales each year he wouldn't be so eager to sell all of the time ;).


Anyway, a great day out and a reminder that next time I aint at Anfield that I should make the effort if only to appreciate how f***ing lucky we are to have the team we have and to have won it 5 times.


It was well strange not singing though, perhaps them main stand moaners and liverworld bag holders should go to Gresty road before their first games so they can see what LFC really is about and that they have to do their bit in return.

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whilst I miss going to Liverpool games - I also miss the lower league games and all that as well.


I used to go and watch colchester on a friday night and loved being able to watch a game without the pressure of LFC being involved.\


also just being able to walk to a non league game and watch raw football - theres a few places here that play games but its very dependant on the season.

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