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Any Swedes on the forum?


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Depends on what type of text and how official it needs to be.



It is a description of a movie, and it needs to be pretty good as we are using it in a market research survey of Swedes...

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Will- we've got a few Danes, Swedes & Norwegians in our office - if you mail it to me at my work addy I'll see what I can do in the morning for you. I think you've got it but just in case its





I'll email it to you as soon as I get to work (9ish)

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there's plenty of norwegians on here who could do it- the difference is negligible.


Wouldn't say it's the difference is negligible but they're close enough that it's decipherable :unsure:

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mail it to matz.pettersson@spray.se


and finnish people are silly by definition



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About 6% of them are extremely silly. The Swedish speaking minority.


:rant: :rant:

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so you're not denying that all of them are silly then?



Well Sjolund, Hyypia and Litmanen are not silly at all, so no, not all of them. And Sjolund doesn't even speak Finnish, or so I've heard. Litmanen has gone bonkers in Malmo though.

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