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Thought I'd start a new thread away from the Tory and Referendum ones.

10 years ago it would have been unthinkable to even mention things like a Untited/New Ireland or a border poll, and now it is part of mainstream conversation.

That's a massive change in such a short period of time. But then again, the Easter Rising was in 1916, and Partition happened within five years of that.

I've always been convinced that this whole Tory Brexit thing was not just about their jingoistic nationalism, but also a ruse to garner outside influence in finally getting rid of "the Irish question".

The demographics were obviously going to change things, and there's also the potential outcome of the Scottish election next Thursday to come yet, and how that might influence things over here.

Moderate Unionists, and even Peter Robinson, have seen the writing on the wall, and, rightly in my view, are trying to cement their different identity on what may well be an unfamiliar constitutional arrangement, along with ideas mooted from Dublin about retaining a Northern Executive.

I would like to know what views people have on this, such as from down south, but especially from a non-Irish/Northern Irish perspective.

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