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YNWA Predictor League 2017-18

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Ah you and Cobs can duke it out, obv more comps running than this thread can handle. There’s always next season, bring yer game face lads!

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Tricky one this as to what is the ‘main’ competition. It’s all gone a bit WBC, WBA, IBF, WBO


After Wayne’s pre-season protestations the old Selco Predictor wasn’t much of a competition this year - and was superceded in numbers of participants & people stickingbitbout by Superbru.

The head to head version of which is an interesting idea but when you don’t start with exactly 20 players you’re not going to have an even season of everyone playing each other twice. Then when you get people dropping out when they realise they won’t win you end up with loads of unopposed matches, which can skew things - certainly cba to go through each week to see how the table has been affected by that.


But - having said that - a win's a win - so kudos to DPD & Hass for your respective victories.


Still not 100% sure I get the SuperBru scoring system but I’ll take being top :thumbs: of the Classic board. It also shows I got more predictions right over the season - so there is that! :bleh:



Probably best to add all 3 to the roll of honour this year and see if we can settle on 1 again next year

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Predictor League Roll of Honour now reads


2018 - Cobs (Superbru Classic) Hassony (Selco Predictor) DPD (SuperBru Head to Head)

2017 - Cobs
2016 - Dave G
2015 - Cobs
2014 - gianthogweeds
2013 - allawee
2012 - Cobs
2011 - Hassony
2010 - Cobs
2009 - Cobs
2008 - Hassony
2007 - Cobs
2006 - Dan the Daggerman 

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That's fair Cobs


Shall we bin the Selco next season?

Probably the way to go, yeah.


Should also say - fair play to DPD for his title run-in. Despite me leading for most of the season one more week and you were probably going past me.



Anyway- bring on the World Cup !!

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