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Excel Question

charlie clown

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So I have a worksheet 'Trees' with a list of data


Column A / Column B

1 / oak

2 / ash

3 / elm

4 / beech


And I have a second worksheet 'Leaf' which has data validated against the list in 'Trees'


So in Column M of worksheet Leaf I can pick from a drop down entry 1, 2, 3 or 4 (i.e. column M is validated from the list in Trees Column A)


I would like column N of worksheet Leaf to automatically populate with the values from Column B of Trees, based on the entry selected in Column M of Leaf.


Is this possible? What function or formula do I need?

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If I'm reading this correctly and you've already done the drop down, why can't you do this with a VLOOKUP?


The formula in Column N (for row 1) in Leaf would be:




And then just fill down.

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