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Bad estate agent


An estate agent is in hot water after an email chain was accidentally forwarded to a female client in which it was suggested she might ‘bend over’ for one of the employees at a house viewing.


The email conversation between Daniel Dow and Daniel Grove, who both work for KT Residential in Surbiton, south-west London, also reportedly referred to prospective female tenant Zoe Butler as ‘a tart’.


‘Want to do a l8 [late] viewing with this tart? She may bend over for you,’ Mr Dow is said to have written.


Ms Butler, 25, who was trying to find a property to share with boyfriend Orrin Duhaney, responded after spotting the earlier correspondence in a chain of emails after Mr Grove had contacted her about viewing times.


‘Do you generally talk about your potential tenants like this?’ she added.


Mr Grove was quick to apologise, calling it an ‘extremely immature and inappropriate comment’.


However, when contacted by the Kingston Guardian, Mr Dow has defended himself by claiming he had not written the email and ‘someone is trying to frame him’.


He said: ‘As much as I would like to get to the bottom of it, I will have to deny I wrote the email.


‘I guess I could have been hacked. There are people out there who might want to tarnish my name.’


Ms Butler said she was ‘shocked’ when she first read the comment, describing it as ‘unprofessional’.


She added: ‘I kept thinking “Am I reading this right?” I’m not very good at contacting people but I plucked up the courage to do it. It made me feel very small and upset. How often do they say that about potential tenants?


‘They haven’t really apologised – they’ve tried to make out they weren’t talking about me.’

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Not sure what's worse - making those comments in the first place (and then including them in a mail that the client sees) or the idiotic attempt to avoid taking responsibility.


Love that he thinks someone is out to tarnish his good name.

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I sent an internal email to a client by mistake once when I was working in recruitment. Nowhere near as bad as that. It did have confidential information on it....like my margins, he wanted a pay rise after that. I politely told him to done one.


Mind you I almost lost my job once as I sent Macca, Wayne and few others the pirelli calendar with the title 'bikini porn'. My boss had a word with me saying that he thought they were tasteful shots but he had to speak to me as I'd used the word porn! Oops! Good job he and the IT bods didn't look further back into my history. Only the week before I'd sent macca pictures ....actually I'll leave that there.

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