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Phone hooked up to car speakers

Farmer's Tan

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I have a Galaxy s3, i have connected it to the car speakers via blue tooth which works fine for calls but if i want to listen to internet radio it doesn't go through the speakers at all. There is a usb port in the car but it does the same thing, is there any way around this? Cheers.

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It needs to be a particular bluetooth standard in order to be able to stream music Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) is required.


I see, but would that still be an issue if i am connecting via usb port. I guess i should turn off blue tooth just to be sure.


I would recommend a Jabra cruiser


works so much better than any other fm transmitter I had in the past


Cheers, i guess if i have to i will get one of those, i am still hoping i can manage it using the usb though, maybe not.

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