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Just out of hospital .... again.


Was given a blast of the hyrdocortisone injections and on discharge have been put on Entocort 9mg pd. Anyone take these before - not making me sick - more queasy.


Morphine was cool :)



what's the matter?

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what's the matter?


No more morphine would be my guess


Had steroids a few times. IV drip is ace, makes you a rage monster in a matter of days. Tablets are s*** and take so long to get in your system they're not needed by the time they've built up to the required levels


Steroids also lower your bone density, which is fun if you're prone to falling over

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I've got Crohns myself, been on Prednisolone and Budesonide.


Budesonide is better suited to Crohns as it targets the Bowel specifically, Prednisolone just makes you feel better all round and makes you eat like a b*stard. My current size is down to 2 months of Prednisolone post-bowel surgery.


Have they tried you on Azathioprine? It's working wonders for me but only works for a small percentage of people.


Tramadol and Paracetamol > Morphine

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Was on the former and now on the latter.


Eating like b'jaysus and can safely say am no longer 8 and 1/2 stone. LOL. Consultant tried me on immunosuppressants but am intolerant - in so many ways.


How was the surgery? I had an illeostomy and fistula repair between bowel and bladder. Whacked out a big bit of bowel. Had a bag for 3/4 months and had it reversed.

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Surgery went OK, thought I was only going to have one section of bowel removed but they ended up taking three.


Worst bit was not being able to eat for 8 or 9 days afterwards. They kept telling me that I was doing great yet every time I had so much as a yoghurt i would vomit litres of bile.


I didn't have to have a bag, and the azathioprine is working really well at the moment (touch wood). I have to have regular vitamin b12 injections as they took out the bit of bowel that absorbs that.

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