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The Welsh


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You can't knock them.


Police borrowed a bouncy castle to cushion the fall of a man threatening to jump from the roof of a multi-storey car park in Swansea.


Officers placed the inflatable on Orchard Street during the seven-hour incident in the city centre.


Acting Superintendent Keith Jones said the "impromptu idea" came from one of his officers.


The man was talked down from the roof-top on Tuesday evening and taken to hospital for treatment.


Mr Jones said: "The use of the inflatable device was an impromptu idea which came from a local officer, which would have helped to reduce the likelihood of a serious injury should this gentleman have fallen.


"We believe that this is the first time that this method has been used in Swansea and was one of many tactics that were considered in order to resolve the situation."






Thing is, no matter how depressed and distressed you were surely the sight of one of these being tugged into position would cheer you right up but no, this miserable bleeder chose to get talked down instead. Could have gone all Hong Kong Fuey on them there lad. Shame.

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"Mr ManxRed, please consider this carefully. You have everything to live for, any problems you are currently undergoing can be worked out. We have people standing by who can help you to come to terms with this. But, if you do insist on going through with this terrible terrible thing, can you please take your shoes off first?"

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