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Time Traveller spotted


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Tragically, you'd need a mobile phone network for it to work, the network would have to be there where she is, in 1920-whatever the year is.


Ergo, its crap.


Well if you're willing to accept the hypothesis that she's a time-traveller from the far future, then it could of course be a highly advanced device that works independently of any network.


The real killer is that she's far too ugly to be a time traveller from the future.

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So many closed minds in this thread, disapointing.


I reckon she was trying to get back to November 1963 to prevent the assassination of Kennedy but there was an electical storm which scrambled the controls in her time travelling flying saucer and she went back much earlier than expected.

She knew she would be captured on film here and tried to send a message to Kennedy and other concerned parties including the greys.

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