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So how did everyone else survive these recent dark days without YNWA?


I didn't make the step of actually posting on another forum but perused some from time to time, whilst leaving my work pc permanently set on the News Now football site.


I worryingly had to try and actually do some work, which has set a terrifying precedent that I'll never be able to match again.


But, on reflection, I think that the last few weeks have greatly increased my hatred of most things and people, but in particular some of our fans.


Grim moments:


The day the forum went down the headline on Ceefax was United in Diouf deal. Then the page wouldn't load. I frantically ran to the forum to find out what the hell was happening and it wasn't working. Scary times.


"I'm really trying to keep the faith here guys but I'm getting very close to panicking." What moved this fan to make such a comment? The ongoing saga with Alonso? The financial situation of Hicks and Gillett? World famine? No. Us drawing 1-1 in a friendly with Thailand.


"If Real offer us £20m and Robben for Alonso we should accept it. And then use that £20m to bid for Sneijder." One person's reaction to the Alonso speculation. Alternatively if that's the idea why not just ask for Sneijder in the first place?


And finally dear Spider-Neill announcing that no matter what Real offer us we should just accept it now so we can buy someone else. So if Madrid offer us a fiver we should snap their hand off?


It's a cold and scary world out there, please don't make me go back into it.

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