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FM 09


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First off, I always cheat, whilst playing FM. Either I use the Genie Scout to find the best talents, or I use a save-game editor to boost my stats. Thing is, that I wanted to give an honest attempt with Liverpool, so I start up the game. And a month in Hicks sells the club to a Mr. Somdej Yodprang. During the takeover I couldn't buy or sell, and the takeover wasn't official before the transfer window closed. But then, Yodprang decided to inject 122m into the club, giving me a transferbudget of 97m. Cool, at christmas I bought whatever I could, and when the budget was run down, (Yes spent 97m in one window, got me Ribery, Diego, Lahm and Henry) Then Yodprang injected another 88m into the club. So at summertime I bought Camacho, Gourcuff, G. Milito, Rossi and Mata. Fair enough, then at christmas, Yodprang gave me another 100m. Crazy man, (has to be said, that he injects 5m a month also, but that goes towards closing the gap, my high wage budget creates. This time I bought Young and Robinho, Richards and Messi.


I don't want to play anymore. It's not fun. The thing was that I wanted to have a clean game. Even named the game "Clean", but this Yodprang is so crazy, and there is no difference between this and cheating, since I have so much money I can't even find a player worth the money.


Here is my squad, first team:




And I think I've found an easter egg. Cus check out this crazy report from Sammy Lee:



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