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Duncan Disorderly

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Why is the moon at such a distance that it causes a perfect eclipse of the Sun and creates the optimum tide levels?


Out of the 9 or so planets, how come; at 93 million miles distance; our planet encounters the optimum minimum/maximum of heat that's necessary for life to exist?


Why is it, when yer stuck on a crossword clue, yer able to answer it when you come back to it?


Why does it take 40 years to consider sending a manned mission to the moon; with apparent difficulties with the amount of water and it's weight taken into account; but to say it'll take up to 2020 before it's realised, when the technology is so far advanced from 1969?


Why do dolphins save humans that are in difficulties in water?


Why do people have to have a religion?


Are the land-mass maps of Antartica from the 13th century the real deal?

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