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Edinburgh or the Lake District?


Edinburgh or the Lake District?  

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  1. 1. Edinburgh or the Lake District?

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Me and the Mrs are in Ireland for a couple of weeks in August for a wedding.


And to stop us going crazy with family we are taking 4 days, and are planning to go to either

Edinburgh or the Lake District.


I've been to Edinburgh as a teenager, but remember little of it, and neither of us have been

to the lake district.



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Been in Edinburgh a few times and really like the place, especially the 1 o'clock boom that scares the crap out of you when you forget the time, but a city is a city is a city, so if you really want a total break, I'd go for the Lake District, plus you could go to Edinburgh anytime.

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I love both places and have had great times in both too - but, push to shove I'd always prefer the Lakes - Hawkshead is slightly away from the main track and a really nice place to go out on Windermere, walk on Great Gable or around the lake...some very nice pubs too.

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The Edinburgh Festival is on throughout August. It's not the most relaxing place, although there will be girls standing around in their bra and pants for no other reason than they like the attention.

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