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NFL Free Agency / Draft

Leo No.8

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Big news so far T.O. to the Bills on a $6.5m one year deal (good luck to them) and Haynesworth to the Redskins for a deal which could total $100m which even for someone as dominant as he is seems insane.


Also Houshmandzadeh to the Seahawks, Marvin Harrison has been released and Kurt Warner has resigned with the Cardinals.


Don't seem to be as many potential stars in this year's draft as there were last year, but I don't really follow the college stuff so I couldn't really say for sure. Matthew Stafford's lot seems to have fallen since the combine.


Unsurprisingly the ever cautious Bears haven't done a great deal in free agency apart from signing relatively unknown guard and lineman Frank Omiyale. I think they need a big, physical receiver like a Burress / Moss to help them maintain possession with the pass as well as just relying on Forte pretty much every down.

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