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Jesus wept

Rory Fitzgerald

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Source: Echo


REAL MADRID defender Michel Salgado has predicted the Spaniards will beat Liverpool 2-1 when they arrive to play their first ever game at Anfield next week.


But they are likely to be up against a fit again Fernando Torres – as well as a one goal deficit – as they aim to do so.


The Spanish giants will arrive on Merseyside in bullish mood despite Liverpool's 1-0 win in the Bernabeu last Wednesday.


“Liverpool surprised us with their tactical approach, but we will do whatever we can to level the tie up,” said Salgado.


“We are prepared to throw everything at them to overcome this predicament.


“I think we will beat them 2-1 at Anfield. I don’t believe it will be a whitewash.”



Either serious questions have to be asked of Ramos or else Salgado was missing for the whole week that Ramos prep'd his team for the match.


As for throwing everything at us, again, serious questions need to be asked of Ramos or else Salgado is just thick.


Given that Ramos has a good record in Spain and Europe with Sevilla in the UEFA Cup, I'm going to hazard a guess that Salgado is as thick as he looks :hmm:

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